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Armstrong’s Natural Creations uses Diamond10 technology

Armstrong Commercial Flooring_Natural Creations with Diamond10Technology2


Natural Creations Luxury Flooring with Diamond10 Technology, from Armstrong Flooring, will showcase three distinct design collections from its product lines – ArborArt, EarthCuts and Mystix. The products meet the complex budget, sustainability, and performance needs required by interior designers, architects, and end-users alike.

Available in a wide range of colors, patterns, sizes and themes, the product line is arranged in three primary design categories:

  • ArborArt: More than 50 naturally inspired wood visuals in color and design combinations that span the entire spectrum, from the golden browns of traditional oak and the bold grain of exotic tigerwood to trend-setting weathered driftwood and even petrified wood looks.
  • EarthCuts: These large-scale tiles draw design inspiration from beauty beneath the ground, including natural stone, minerals and metallic ore. A palette of earthy neutrals ranges in tone from cool grays to warm beiges.
  • Mystix: Cutting-edge design defies categorization. The ever-evolving Mystix collection dabbles in textures, textiles and hand-painted art. And a palette of brights adds a vibrant pop of color to enliven commercial spaces.